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The global leader in meetings procurement, HelmsBriscoe offers an easy alternative to the complexity and expense of planning your next event. With Associates in every corner of the world, Clients everywhere can benefit from a global reach, unsurpassed experience, industry relationships, and full-service management options.

Barbara Stachowiak-Kowalska is the Polish based associate servicing clients’ worldwide meeting and accommodation requirements.

As the global leader in meeting procurement, HelmsBriscoe leverages the experiences of more than 1,200 associates spanning over 55 countries to deliver world-class solutions.



Barbara Stachowiak-KowalskaBarbara Stachowiak-Kowalska MBE MBA


Registered office:
Domaniewska 47/10,
02 672 Warszawa

ul Tyniecka 10b
Warsaw 02 630

Mobile +48 501 100 754
email: barbara@conselt.pl